When I started Renee Yee Interiors back in 2012, I was a fresh new designer super excited to start my business. I read a few blog posts about naming an interior design business and decided that using my name was the best way to go. I was so excited to get my first client — I printed business cards and was ready for whatever projects came my way.

Over the years, I’ve been able to work on many fabulous projects, proudly pouring it all into each one and every trusting client. I have worked to refine my skills and have learned many a lesson from the mistakes. I still love designing and find every project rewarding. But the idea of defining my brand and niching our services has been on my mind for some time.

Last year my family relocated to Northern Virginia, and I’ve been working to rebuild my business in our new location. Through this process, I’ve taken some time to determine the direction I want to take my business and focused on the brand I want to build moving forward. The fact is, we all change over time. Our looks change, our passions change, and our goals change -rebranding is not dissimilar. Over the past few months, I have worked through the process of redefining who we are and dove deep into why we’re so passionate about what we do.

At the heart of our rebrand is a passion for creating homes that make every day meaningful and memorable. A notion that Home is more than a house. Home is birthdays, holidays, baby’s first steps, college acceptance letters, movie nights in, kitchen dancing, tears, laughter, hugs, kisses, fresh-baked cookies, and everything in-between. We believe that Home should foster all of these experiences as well as those that dwell within. Winston Churchill said it best “We shape our buildings: thereafter they shape us.” We believe Home should be your brightest light in the darkness, your comfortable haven, and the most wonderful feeling in the world.

In addition to celebrating the simple joys of home and family, we’re passionate about creating homes that truly reflect those who live there. We believe that a home should be more personal than perfect and more loved than simply lived in. And so we’ve rebranding around these principles.


Our Brand Mood Board 

Renee Yee Interiors rebranding as Patina Living Co Mood Board



Logo for Great Falls Interior Design Firm Patina Living Co.

Renee Yee Interiors is rebranding as Patina Living Co. 


So what’s new?

It’s fair to say that much is new, but much more is just the same. We’re evolving, not starting over. Our design business has a solid foundation with everything we’ve been doing for close to ten years – we’ve simply taken that and used it to define who we are.

Formalizing who we are warranted a few changes: we’ve changed our name (more on the why below), have a new logo, developed a new tagline, launched a new website to better articulate who we are, updated our social media accounts, refined our messaging, and brought into focus the kind of projects we want to work on.


Why Patina Living Co.?

The word “patina” means the surface appearance of something grown beautiful, especially with age or use.

Whether a home is old or new, we love creating a sense of story and character, a feeling that a space has been there forever and will only continue to grow in beauty over time. We transform homes with a thoughtful blend of antiques and treasures alongside new life-friendly pieces and use classic materials that age beautifully over time. We believe the elements at the core of our designs; story and character, imperfect and timeworn, casual and elegant, old and new creates what we equate to as a layer of patina in a home.

In addition, we wanted to establish a brand that centers around beautiful living; a brand that allows for growth on the design side and with new ideas, and ultimately a brand that embraces a timeless design style with age-old character. And that brings us to Patina Living Co. – we believe this new name perfectly surmises what our brand is all about.

We’re so excited for this new season of authenticity and beautiful design that we’ve committed to. Along with this amazing new website, we have so much in store for the new year. Project Reveals, Before + Afters, Favorite Finds and so much more is in the lineup and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

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