Now I know why this is called the One Room Challenge…because it is truly a challenge to pull off a room just the way you planned it in only six weeks. Particularly when at week 5 you have a number of issues that send you into a panic!! 

We’ve had some problems with items we need to complete the room. This week started with the delivery of the rug I showed you last week, unfortunately it’s not going to work. The chevron design is much larger than I was expecting, and it is made of a jute like material, it’s just not right for the space, so back it goes. Strike 1!! 

Then we received the bulletin board from PB Teen, it was damaged, so back it goes and now it’s backordered until late November. Strike 2!! 

Finally, the fabric I ordered for window treatments is unexpectedly delayed. Strike 3! Since I need time to have the window treatment fabricated I’ve had to order something else. This fun navy leopard print will be here today and I’ll be rushing it over to my workroom so they can work there magic and create something beautiful, in the knick of time mind you. 

The one exciting thing is that my new light fixture was installed, it’s providing some much needed additional lighting in the space as well as making a great statement. 


Another positive is that I’ve started to style the bookshelves. Here’s a peek at how that’s going! 


You’ll have to come back next week to see the reveal!! 

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