August is here which means summer break is coming to an end and kids are heading back to school.

Today we’re sharing some back-to-school organization tips –and products that will help keep your home organized and beautiful.

Set up a drop zone

Most kids have a tendency to drop everything in their hands just as soon as they come through the door at the end of the school day. Having a household drop zone makes that annoying pile go away AND makes it easy for your kids to locate those essential items that they need when they’re rushing out the door in the morning.

Aim to create your drop zone near the area where the kids naturally dump their belongings. Wall hooks and baskets are great ways to ensure backpacks and gear have a place to go.

Update your calendar


Acrylic Wall Calendar from Pottery Barn


A week or two before the school year officially begins, carve out some time to populate your calendar with all the important school dates (e.g., vacation periods), upcoming doctor’s appointments, extracurricular activities, and family events.

It’s amazing how fast our calendars fill up during the beginning of the school year.

Keeping your calendar current with your planning tool of choice will help you to successfully juggle all of these obligations and prevent you from double-booking yourself and your family members.

Create a homework zone

After all the Covid virtual learning you probably have a designated area in your home for your kids to complete schoolwork, now is the time to revisit the space and make sure it’s clean, organized, and ready to go with all of the necessary school/office supplies (markers, pencils/eraser, calculator). Setting up a homework station in advance will help your kids to stay focused and be productive once the daily homework grind begins.

Organize Lunch Supplies

If your child packs their lunch, another great way to prepare for the start of school is to corral all of your lunch-making supplies (lunch bag, thermos, food containers) together to create a lunch-making station in your kitchen.

Also, consider stocking up on the regular lunch staples ahead of time and taking a second look at your food storage organization systems.

Here are some of our favorite items that will help you get organized, and also keep your home looking good.

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 3.13.18 PM.png
  1. Oversized Basket Set // Oversized and stylish these baskets are a great alternative for dropping backpacks if you don’t have wall space for hooks. Love these for shoes and toys too.

  2. Linen Cork Board // The perfect place to collect all that precious artwork that will be coming home in piles –pick your favorites to display and change out regularly.

  3. 2 Tier Wall Organizer // We love a wall organizer for storing all those notices and papers you need to hold onto.

  4. Monthly Planner // We still love a paper planner — this one is great for seeing your month at a glance, and its super cute too.

  5. Glass & Gold Pen Organizer // Gather pens and pencils for your homework zone in this cute holder.

  6. Acrylic Wall Calendar // We love a fillable wall calendar like this one, its to perfect place for the entire family to see the months events at a glance.

  7. Brass Wall Hook // Pretty brass hook for backpacks and coats. They’re sturdy and functional, but super stylish as well.

  8. Green 2 Tier Cart // Our favorite addition to store all the supplies and books, etc. for the homework zone.

  9. Peg Rail // Love this peg as another option for backpacks, etc. Paint it a fun color or match your trim.

  10. Acrylic Pantry Drawer // These are our favorite way to organizer snacks and lunch supplies.

  11. Rectangular Basket // A favorite basket for cubbies or under a bench.

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