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Welcome to Patina Living Co., a lifestyle brand driven by a passion for beautiful living and the pursuit of joyful experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the enduring allure of British and European country living, our brand aims to capture the essence of history, heritage, and tradition embedded within these ways of life. We blend this timeless charm with a relaxed sophistication to create a distinctive and enchanting aesthetic that speaks to the heart and soul. 

From interior design services to a curated shop, enchanting experiences, and inspiring content on our website and social media, we hope our offering inspires you to create your own beauty-filled and well-lived life. 

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Our guide on what it means to fully furnish a space and how much it might cost to furnish a home with an interior designer.

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Where to stay, food to eat, and what to do in Asheville, NC.

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Our advice for working with an interior designer.

Renee Yee Interiors rebranding as Patina Living Co Mood Board

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The story behind our new name and rebrand.



Notes from Renee

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Interior Design Services

Gathering around the table with loved ones to share delicious meals; making guests feel welcome, comfortable, and loved; and celebrating occasions both big and small in the warm glow of home. These are the moments we live for, and creating the homes that contain them is at the heart of Patina Living Co.

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Our ONLINE home & lifestyle shop features a timeless and thoughtful collection of found objects, furnishings, and accessories from around the world. 

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Home & Lifestyle Collection

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